Batrachospermum helminthosum

Batrachospermum helminthosum Bory emend. Sheath, Vis et Cole

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“Plants monoecious, dioecious with brownish main axis; barrel-chaped, confluent whorls, 306-794 mm in diameter with 7-21 primary fascicles. Carpogonium-bearing branches composed of 1-5 short cells arising from periaxial or proximal cell of fascicle branch. Carpogonium 40.2-79.0 mm  long with pedicellate, cylindrical to slightly club-shaped trichogynes, 4.8-13.7 mm  in diameter. Carposporophytes axial, 120-415 mm in diameter and 102-420 mm high and with 1-8 cylindrical gonimoblast cells. Carposporangia obovoidal, 5.3-16.9 mm in diameter and 9.8-27.6 mm long.”


Kumano, S. 2002. Freshwater red algae of the world. Biopress Ltd. 375pp.

Author(s): Thrush, Mariah
Rights holder(s): Thrush, Mariah

Ecology and Distribution


Type Locality: France, Europe.

Distribution: Europe: France, Belgium, Germany, Italy, Poland, Sweden; Asia: China, Korea, Japan; North America: Canada, U.S.A.; South America: Brazil.

Author(s): Thrush, Mariah
Rights holder(s): Thrush, Mariah